Gas and Oil fired Heating Boilers

Mac’s Heating Ltd is a Class “A” Boiler Contractor. This allows us to service and install any size boiler you may have in your building or plant.

Domestic Hot Water Boilers

Apartment buildings, condominiums and many manufacturing customers need a reliable and efficient supply of domestic hot water. We can service and install domestic hot water systems for any requirement.

Gas and Oil Fired Burners

Mac’s Heating Ltd has decades of experience with gas, oil and dual fuel burners. Our seven Class “A” Industrial Gas Fitters can service and install any commercial or industrial gas burner powering your boiler. We have extensive experience converting boilers with modern forced draft burners.


There is still steam heating used in buildings for heating purposes. Most steam installed these days is in breweries, distilleries, and other forms of manufacturing. Our team can install, service, and start up your steam system.

Backflow preventers

Backflow preventers are being required on equipment connected to the municipal water supply like never before. Our certified Plumbers can install, test and repair the backflow preventers in your building.

Pumps for Heating and Cold water boosting

Pumps, circulators and boosters are critical to supplying radiators, heating units and upper floors with fresh water. We can service, install and repair all types of this fluid transfer equipment.

Fans for Pressurization and Exhaust

Apartment buildings and condominiums have fans for hallway pressurization, and exhaust of parking garages and remote rooms. We can service, install and repair all fans and many parking garage sensor systems.


Mac’s Heating Ltd provides plumbing services for all types of buildings and applications. The Industry perceives us as primarily a heating company, but we have provided plumbing services to owners and managers for many years.


If you are looking for a heat pump to supply a commercial space or a gas furnace in a small building or rental property we can help. Mac’s Heating Ltd has serviced and installed countless furnaces since 1959.